Gold Coast Property Sales

Boutique Gold Coast Real Estate Sales Agency


We provide property sales services backed by combined experience of over a century in the industry.


Often touted seldom delivered experience a level of service befitting industry leading standards.


Enjoy a partner in your property goals who will work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for your asset.


Deliver superior results by employing independent and tailor made sales processes in a personalised framework.

What sets Asset Property Sales apart from other Real Estate Agents? Experience and independence combine within a boutique office to ensure a completely client centric environment. As a small independent and owner operated Real Estate Agency we are able to tailor our services to suit individual requirements and deliver an exceptional level of service to our clients. At all times we provide direct and individual advice to assist our property owners’ achieve the optimum result in the property market.

With our agency your property is not just a number in a large agency portfolio. Instead we provide individual attention, know the properties intimately, and have close relationships with all stakeholders throughout the sales process. The tools at our disposal are made readily available to our property owners to assist with the decision making process. By working in consultation with the owner we can ensure communication on issues affecting your property. Our aim is to provide our property owners with the information and experience to maximise their success in the property market. We believe in guiding our clients through the sales process providing feedback along the way and enabling the client to grasp the exact conditions in the market to affect the best outcome.

When listing property for sale we provide extensive research using tools such as RP Data, Heron Todd White valuation reports,, and our professional experience to identify the most appropriate price to list a property. We provide this information to our property owners to make the final decision on list price based on individual circumstances.

Our markeing is broad and includes listing on the major realestate portals such as,,,, to name a few. We maintain a large database of prospective buyers from over 15 years of involvement in the property industry and are constantly receiving and responding to new inquiries. We provide professional photography at a fraction of the cost of our competitors and use experienced copywriters to present all our properties. Through personal service we also respond to inquiries more effectively with direct response, building the relationship with all stakeholders in the process. This is unlike many agencies who channel inquiries into automated response systems and only offer rigid inspection times. The end result is an agency that is more successful at attracting engaged purchasors and maximising the effectiveness of the sales process.

Our property sales service is holistic in nature. We do not cut corners or pursue listings. We ardently work towards maximising client results. This is not as straight forward as the one dimensional sales models implemented by brand name agencies. Specific circumstances such as changing market conditions, tenancy or occupancy status’, minor and major property renovations or cosmetic improvements, even development approvals and legislative considerations will impact on our advice. Our experience gives us a viewpoint that is more than skin deep and rests on market fundamentals. This unshakable approach provides our clients with agents who are dependable in their effectiveness and can consistently deliver superior results. We do not buy listings by providing eroneous advice to initially engage with vendors, and then shift focus to obtain price reductions towards a marketable price. We endevour to identify with our clients the optimum list price from which to attack the market. This winning approach is not only ethical, it delivers on client expectations.

We are a hands on owner operated and proactive agency. We will add value wherever possible in the delivery of our service. As long time Gold Coast locals with a love of the property industry it is our fundamental aim to enjoy assisting our clients, buyers and sellers alike.

Ultimately we aim to provide our clients with the highest level of service and advise to assist you to reach your property goals. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation consultation.