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Market Appraisal

So often the starting point for real estate decisions is a property’s value. With property very often the most valuable asset we will own is it any surprise we will often assign such importance to making the correct decision. Sadly agents will very often manipulate our emotions in this particular area. Take two agents, each have similar experience and sales credentials, and similarly personable. One provides an appraisal that is 10% higher than the other. Which do you chose?

It is almost expected practice for agents to appraise a property at 10-15% above market value. Once they have secured the listing, almost immediately the agent will begin reducing a vendors expectations. While we do not condone this practice as professional agents we compete in this landscape. Our endeavour therefore is to provide you the property owner with the tools to make your own informed decisions. By working with our clients we can ensure an honest appraisal of market value, and a corresponding sales strategy to maximise the achievable sales price based on your expectations and property goals.

Property Styling

Selling a property is one of the most significant financial decisions we will make in our lifetimes. It is important to ensure the best possible outcome, and there is no doubt property presentation has a significant impact on the sales process. This is not always reflected in sales value, though very often presentation can have a financial impact as well. With experienced stylists amongst our team, and being self confessed property nerds, we take great pleasure in assisting property owners with presenting a property for sale. Whether minor cleaning and maintenance items or a long term blueprint to maximise a property value we can provide experienced advice for our clients.


Having undertaken hundreds of property sales we have experience with all manner of property transactions and various complexities. We provide sales contract preparation and can provide advise on contractual conditions. We have also worked with hundreds of different solicitors and conveyancing firms. We have also dealt with accountancy issues on behalf of clients including overseas purchasers and vendors, tax law, and many other issues. If we don’t have the answer ourselves, we have developed a network of professionals who can provide the required advise for the circumstances you face. All this is offered as part of our service to vendors and purchasers and we are always willing to go the extra mile to assist with property transactions.

Concierge Services

Helping you move into your new property our concierge services can assist you with moving in. From obtaining quotes from professional movers to making sure the lights are on reduce the headache of moving. New to the Gold Coast? We can help you learn your way around as well!